The Best Cabin Bags for Budget Airlines

The Best Cabin Bags for Budget Airlines

22 Mar 2019

First things first, always check the allowance on cabin bag both in terms of weight & size, on the airline's own website.  Their is so much variation between allowances. Particularly on the Budget airlines, like EasyJet, RyanAir, TUI & Thomas Cook Airlines which are part & parcel of most package holidays.  If you're over by a few millimetres, or a few grams, the charges can be steep. Some airlines allow only 5 kg, others allowing unlimited weight & others only allow a small bag the size of a handbag. 

Do keep an eye out on the emails from airlines. One particular airline loves playing musical cabin bags, changing their policy, keeping passengers on their toes. And always double check the cabin bag policy, directly on the airlines website for the most up-to-date information.

We have some firm favourites which are light-weight & fit most airlines cabin bag size allowance. Plus they're offer great value too.

Here are our 5 top picks for cabin bags:

1. Wilko's ultralite cabin bag available in blue or black for £24. Light weight at 1.8kg, with handy front pocket for passports & boarding passes, as well as an internal pocket too. Simple yet stylish. Find it here.>

2. This hard shell one from Argos, on clearance for only £14.99. Whilst this a little heavier at 2.6kg, it has a 4 wheel system making it very easy to navigate. Plus it's a gorgeous sky blue in colour. Pick it up here before it sells out.>

3. This super cute dino one from Matalan for £25, perfect for roarsome adventures. Light weight at just over 1kg but also a great way to get the kids to involved in the travel adventure. They have unicorn ones too.Check it out here.>

4. This cheap but practical one from IKEA, which folds down flat, great if you're short on room at home. Only £15.  Look it up here.>

5. This Tripp smart hold all when you need your hands free to hold little hands. It's light weight so makes it perfect for airlines with small weight allowances. Also great to use as a beach bag on holiday too. Currently on sale online at Debenhams for £15>

TOP TIP >>> Whether you've got suitcase or beach bag, I always find keeping another carrier bag inside is useful. For packing up coats or unexpected spillages. 

TOP TIP>>> Turns out "Bum Bags" came back into fashion. They're a great way to carry on a few extra things unnoticed, as long as you remember to take it off through security. They can be really stylish too. Find one that suits your style>


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